Chemical Protection (C)

Clothing that provides both total and partial protection of the body in environments (workplaces or elsewhere) where a risk assessment has revealed the presence of and possibility of skin coming into contact with hazardous chemical agents in the numerous different forms in which they may appear (gaseous, liquid or solid state).
According to the degree of hazardousness of the chemical agent taken into consideration, also in combination with possible workplace scenarios, clothing is divided into 6 Types embracing the most complex garments (ventilated and non-ventilated fully encapsulated suits and coveralls) as well as less complex types and partial body protection (provided for only in types 3, 4 and 6).
Current technical standards combine specifications for protection against hazardous chemical agents, according to the various classifications, with those set forth for protection against biological hazards.

relevant EN according to “Type of protection”

EN 943-1:2002
EN 943-2:2002
Types 1a; 1b e 1c
Type 1a-ET
Type 1b-ET
GAS – tight
EN 943-1:2002 Type 2
Liquid-tight and NON-GAS-tight
Tipo3 B
EN 14605:2005 Type 3 e Type PB[3]
Liquid-tight (full body protection and partial body protection – PB)
EN 14605:2005 Type 4 e Type PB[4]
Spray-tight (full body protection and partial body protection – PB)
Type 5
EN 14605:2005 Type 4 e Type PB[4]
Particle-tight (full body protection)
Tyoe 6
EN 13034:2005 Type 6 e Type PB[6]
Splash-tight (full body protection and partial body protection – PB)

943-1 :2002 (UNI EN 943- 1:2003)

EN 14605:2005

EN 943-2 :2002 (UNI EN 943-2:2002)

EN ISO 13034: 2005

EN-ISO 13982-1:2004


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